Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rant: Whatever Happened To Good Music?

Do you know what sucks? The current music selection. Is it any wonder that so many people opt for Sirius/XM or Pandora in order to listen to their favorite style of music from days gone by? Now I'm not going to be arrogant enough to say that over my life there hasn't continually been shitty bands and artists somehow siphoning money out of the general public. But doesn't it seem that if one wanted to listen to current music, that eating a hot bag of hair would be a better option?

I mean really? THIS is what is popular nowadays?

Its music sucks. Hard. I understand big tits sell records, but is the general public really THAT stupid to sit there and "rock out" to Katy Perry? kissed a girl. So have I. So have most girls.

And if we're going to take it a step further, this thing:

You must be kidding me. Does it even sing or does it stand there and just finger its vagina on stage? I can't....I can't even begin to comment on how bad this "music" is.

So what happened to music? What happened to bands like Led Zeppelin, GnR, and the Grateful Dead? What happened to artists like The Boss, Johnny Cash, and Bob Marley? What happened to music being awesome for the sake of being awesome. Good music used to be the norm; now you have to reach back into the "decades" section to find anything worth purchasing. The 60s were stocked with great bands, as were the 70s. All we have to mention are the Stones, the Beatles, Zeppelin, and Floyd and it tells the story. You don't even have to go further than that, but if you did...oh yeah, there's this guy known as The King. The 80s were great as well, with legitimate rock and roll diversifying even more. Hair Metal reigned. Punk forged ahead. Alternative got going. Is there any band like Jane's Addition now (besides Jane's Addiction)? I think not. Even the 90s were amazing. As sad as I was to see the end of hair metal, the alternative movement brought forth some great artistry (more on that word later) from Pearl Jam to Nirvana to Live to even Tupac and that fat guy. Once 2000 hit, it seems music was doomed. Artist like Radiohead and Eminem were still churning out music, but the 2000s also saw the rise of crap (Coldplay? Really?). Crap that has now become the staple type of music in the industry. Earlier I mentioned the word artistry, and that's what I think is missing nowadays. Singers and wannabe musicians have become so obsessed with being an artist through spoon-fed dogshit like American Idol, that they've forgotten the true irony of artistry: an artist doesn't do it to become an artist. It just...happens. Do they want to make money? Of course, who doesn't. But did they produce music that stood the test of time and actually touched people? You better believe it. When was the last time Amy Winehouse touched anything besides a razor blade and a mirror? Go and listen to the beauty of Whole Lotta Love...sit and have your soul touched by November Rain...feel the torment and pain during the unplugged version of Nutshell. Then go to Target. Go into the music section and look at their bestsellers (tip: bring a vomit bag). It will make you violently nauseous.

Now, I don't want everyone to point out exceptions of good artists right now as proof that I'm wrong; that's not what this is about. This is just my specific feelings and what I see about the world. My blog, my rules. Frankly, I don't give a shit whether you think I'm right or wrong. What I DO want is a forum for me to express my disdain for the lukewarm corporate noise that's currently playing on "popular" radio. This blog gave me that...feel free to comment all you want. I actually like reading other people's opinions, especially if said opinions are presented well.

That's all for now. If anyone needs me, I'll be listening to Pandora Radio...

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  1. There has always been really good stuff and really bad stuff.Heart throbs and kid pop have always been around.It all comes down to taste. What you hate others love and either of you are neither right or wrong. Music is like food we all have different pallets.The thing is to let everyone have their space.Kids listen to pop because they are just getting their feet wet, they grow expand their tastes and life goes on.