Friday, February 18, 2011

RE: Rant: Whatever Happened to Good Music?

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Reading my Savage Brother's rant was like music to my ears (howdya like THAT pun). Ignoring the obvious faux pas that reading something could be "music" to anyone's ears, you get my point. My Savage Brother and I don't have the exact same taste in music...I could give 2 shits about 95% of hair metal, but that's what makes the world go round. Anyway, back to my reaction to SavageBroRob's post...this man is the truth.

I'm not gonna rehash the nuts and bolts of his dead-on-balls accurate can read that for yourself. But, I think the scope of the situation goes beyond music.

The entertainment industry seems to have undergone a complete pussification in general. Don't get me wrong...I understand that there's an audience for inoffensive entertainment that can somehow be marketed as "edgy" (hell, Will Smith has made a career off that principle). The higher-ups would be stupid NOT to capitalize on that basis. There's ALWAYS been "pop acts" that were successful solely because of their good looks and marketability, and there's nothing wrong with that, it has its place. The problem, as I see it, comes from the idea that most things in society must now be kid-friendly and PG-13 for some rea$on. You want examples? Look at the Super Bowl halftime show for God's sake. Look what John McClane was reduced to in the last installment of Die Hard (was that the Mac guy in there?!). Turn on primetime network television any night of the week. Fuck all that. I, like a lot of you, got dollars to spend. But I wanna see Tony Soprano fuck up Phil Leotardo and then bitch and moan about his life to Dr. Melfi. I wanna see Cash come near-tears singing on stage in front of a bunch of convicts and then make a perverted joke to thunderous laughter. I wanna see Billy Costigan struggle with inner and outer demons, only to be reduced to a splatter of blood on the wall in a split second. I want the bad guy to win occasionally.

Now, let me make this clear in case I'm giving the wrong impression. This is decidedly not a machismo thing. It's not about anger or strength. It's about being made to feel something...anything. That's rapidly evaporating in our mainstream. Sure, we get our HBO shows here and there, an occasional new song that moves us on the radio, or the rare movie that actually puts our asses in the seats and keeps them there. But, if we simply want to sit through 4 hours of New Jersey douchebags talking incoherently, Katherine Heigl exchanging "witty" one liners with Ashton Kutcher, or Lady Gaga channeling her inner Marilyn Manson and dousing her own asshole in tabasco while passing it off as "art"...THAT we can get in bulk.

I'm not one of those anti-mainstream people simply to be anti-mainstream. Hell, I LOVE a lot of mainstream it, eat it up. In fact, I find those who seem to make it a point to go anti-mainstream to be some of the most close-minded, ignorant, sheltered people you'll ever meet. The hell with them too...most of 'em smell anyway. As for me, I'm just blessed enough to be able to call a spade a spade. And this shit's a spade.

I don't blame the entertainers...I'll never fault anyone for trying to make the most money they can while they can. Live and let live. I don't even place the blame on the suits and ties who are responsible for putting this stuff out there...again, it's a business move, and a smart one at that. They're simply capitalizing on what the public wants. The issue here is that the public wants superficial dogshit. Like I said, different tastes make the world go round...but when the overwhelming trend is to drink the watered-down Kool-aid and ask for seconds, then that affects MY entertainment as well. I refuse to believe that the talent isn't out stands to reason that musical/movie/whatever talent doesn't simply evaporate from generation to generation. But we keep accepting that the proverbial piss is just rain...and the skies are opening wider and wider. Let's enjoy our Bieber and Heigl for what they are...maybe just don't ask for seconds next time.

What the fuck do I know though...I'm just a Savage Brother with a blog. I'll leave you with Mr. Cash summing it up better than I ever could:

( of my favorite pictures of all time...I even made it the visual basis of my home for a couple years...true story)

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