Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things That Don't Get Made Fun of Nearly Enough: Sammy Sosa

We know Slammin Sammy already gets quite a bit of laughs/insults thrown his way. But we ask, is it enough? How could anyone that tries to make this transformation and attribute it to some "cosmetic cream" NOT be a Savage-target? I mean, look at this damn fool for God's sakes:

If you'll notice, even on the left more "normal picture," he looks like something that slinked out of a late night Cartoon Network special. On the right, the ridiculousness is just beyond words. Well, not literally beyond words. Just let your Soul Glo, Sammy.

Consider this Sammy Sosa's induction into the the always-growing canon of Savage-targets. Lord knows he ain't gettin inducted into anything else anytime soon.

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  1. http://pfish.mlblogs.com/zz409.jpg

    and then there was Sammy when he was a fast running, doubles hitter to the gap...