Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Declaration of War

You knew this was coming. It had to. It's been the elephant in the room ever since we started tearin up the internet. Inevitably, when you stumbled upon The (Real) Savage Brothers, you thought of these 2 bitches:

Look at them. Despise them. Have ya ever seen a pair of more entitled, petty, smug deadbeats? They're Savage Enemies Nos. 1 & 2. As part of Savage Kingdom, you too will learn to loathe them. You may say, "Well, they're the actual Savage Brothers." No, they're not. We're here to take the crown. They probably won't even respond to us calling them out. Pussies.

Ok, full disclosure. I DO love The Wonder Years, as well as Boy Meets World. I watched the shit outta those shows growing up, and still become glued to my seat when I come across them now. Fuckin awesome shows. When Wayne took the blame for the leftover mess of Kevin's party in one episode...I lost it. That's what real brothers do. Not these savages. Yeah I said it.

Imposters. Bizzaros. Brillo-heads.

Oh, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, don't get too comfy over there with your Slim Jims and ugliness (and for some reason, a rap album). We're comin for you next.........OHHH YEAH!!!


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