Monday, February 28, 2011

Things Savages Like: Chili Cheese Dogs

Hot dog? Good.
Chili? Good.
Chili Dog? Good.
Cheese? Good.
Chili Cheese Dog? Ohhh...

We realize some of you health nuts (crazies) out there may think, "How could you eat that crap?" The answer's simple...quickly and with a shitload of napkins. We'd like to say we savor the taste slowly with each bite...but when one of these bad boys is sittin right in front of you with the perfect level of meat/cheese grease floating atop, it's impossible to resist. Heartburn be damned...for no-holds-barred pigout foods, this one ranks near the top. Just be certain you have a good 4 hours of free time post-eating, because you sure as hell WON'T be going anywhere. So what if you go temporarily's fuckin delicious meat and cheese packed sloppily on a bun...what could be better? Oh...and if you throw some chopped onions into the's basically an orgasm.


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