Monday, March 21, 2011

7 Celebrities Who Are Shockingly Not Mentally Challenged

We've all seen people on TV (even outside of The Wonder Years, Boy Meets World, and the imbecile-rich world of pro wrestling) where we had to do a double take. We had to ask ourselves, "Is that person riding the shortbus?" No, we're not making fun of handicapped people...just the celebrities who literally look like 'em. Frankly, we find the "oh, he's a retard" type of humor to be ignorant, uncreative, and ultimately, below our standards...that's not what this is. Hell, we're not even saying we dislike/like the given celebrities...these are all neutral observations that they look mentally disabled. Hey we're sensitive guys. Now, on to the Down Syndrome impersonators...

Bam Margera
We LOVE Jackass, but this guy resembles Corky's slow cousin.

DJ Qualls
This fella here proves that the simple-minded curse
can infect the ghastly emaciated as well.

Minority quota filled.

Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down
Strap a helmet on him and you'd never know he wasn't.
(Note: an ex-acquaintance with no honor or code once coined the term
"3 Doors Down Syndrome," but he has since been mercilessly banished
from Savage a bitch

Rachel Dratch
Female quota filled.

Steven Tyler
Female quota doubled.

Donald Trump
Even after you hear this guy talk, you still come away unsure
that he's not a full-on mental defective.


Haley Joel Osment
Again? Hell yes.


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