Sunday, March 20, 2011

Better Sundae: Banana Split or Brownie Sundae?

The Savages are more "meat lovers" (shut up) than "sweet tooths" but nevertheless we occasionally enjoy stuffing our faces with some delicious frozen dessert.  But if we're going classic, what do we choose?  The colossal banana split or the decadent brownie sundae.  Choices suck.

Banana Split:  You mean to tell me I can get chocolate, vanilla, AND strawberry ice cream all in the same bowl?  Covered in whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry topping, and pineapple topping?  and crushed nuts? (shut up again). Yeah set me up...I'll take uhhhh...3 of 'em.  How the hell a banana found its way in there (sheesh this post is full of innuendo) is beyond me, but what the heck...bananas ok.  Plus it satisfies the inner health nut in all of us, squashing at least .05% of the guilt we feel from ingesting a 4K calorie bowl of pain relief.  So go ahead Savage Kingdom, order a banana split once in a while.  No use going through life without stopping to enjoy the simple things in life.  Booger eats 'em. Pretty sure.

Brownie Sundae:  Ohhhhhh slow down baby.  My personal favorite empty calorie delicious pile of crap, the brownie sundae fills you up with a gooey hot and cold concoction (just sounds perverted) worthy of two foodgasms.  The warm brownie combines with the frozen vanilla ice cream and hot fudge just waiting to take you to places that most men dare not dream of.  As you put the barely-washed restaurant spoon into this slowly-melting mound of culinary heaven, you realize that you made the right choice.  You also realize that you're basically adding a love handle within the following 15 minutes.  But that's ok.  It's healthier than being on heroin.  Bonus points to the waiter/waitress who can quickly get this dessert out to you still-frozen before he/she stops to check their Facebook wall on the way to your table.

So which one is it?  This Savage brother votes for the brownie sundae.  But I certainly wouldn't pout if all they had was the split.


  1. I would totally go for the brownie split instead. Split the brownie in half, then put vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream in between, topped with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate syrup, and of course the cherry...XD

  2. why don't you put a google follow thingy on here as well... much easier to follow your blog :P

  3. @justine love

    The google follower thing is back on the left.

    Brownie Sundae would beat Banana Split in a to-the-death cage match. THAT we can be sure of.

  4. @justine love

    and btw...the brownie split? you just blew my mind.