Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dumbass Product Of The Day: Big Mouth Billy Bass

Oh, can i please have a fucking annoying singing rubber fish to put on my wall?  What moron would buy such a thing.  Picture're sitting there enjoying your movie or your television after a long day at work, getting some much needed R&R.  All of a sudden, some "soon to be living the rest of his short-ass life in agonizing pain" asshole pushes the red button (see the red button?  don't EVER push the red button).  Your house is now filled with the brain-killing sounds of a fake rubber fish on the wall singing a cheap cover of an already shitty song.  This is the kind of terrible gift you give your enemies.  Although I guess you deserve it for putting it up on the wall in the first place.

Not to mention the fact that the thing itself looks like you got it off the clearance rack at the dollar store.  Yeah, good purchase buddy.  Way to get your family to hate you.  We call you people "loserville".

Seriously, HOW did this thing sell???    They must have got that ShamWow! douche to do it.


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