Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Shirts Of Booger: A Philosophy

Dudley 'Booger' Dawson is one of the true underappreciated movie characters in comedy history.  His slackass attitude, revolting manners, and disgusting aura left us with the hilarious yet insightful story of a man who doesn't get nearly enough attention in the modern world.  I don't know, maybe that's a good thing.  Either way, the shirts that Booger wore in Revenge Of The Nerds enlighten the inner workings of this mad genius' mind, revealing a reluctant hero with something to say.  Perhaps we'd all be better off if we listened.  Let's begin...

Greasy Tony's:  The fact that there actually IS a Greasy Tony's restaurant shows just how plugged in this mastermind is.  What does this shirt say to us?   It says enjoy the simple things in life.  Have a cheesesteak once in a while and revel in its deliciousness...and grease.  We all get so caught up in the finer things of life sometimes that we don't take the time to relax, put our feet up, and stuff our face with some blue collar goodness. charge for extra you're a smart shopper as well.

Gimme' Head Till I'm Dead:  Exactly.  Are we obsessed with sex?  You betcha.  Is there anything greater in the world?  Nope.  Does Booger have any problem with posting right on his chest what everyone wishes anyways?  Not one bit.  This man is the truth.

High On Stress:   Don't we all feel like that sometimes?   Everyone gets so stressed out by the things life throws at us.  Why not take a second to make fun of it.  Get "high" on it.  And if that doesn't work, just get high on whatever.  Booger does.

So maybe next time you're flipping through the channels and see Revenge Of The Nerds on, you'll stop and listen.  Absorb.  Let yourself be affected by the Oracle Of Dudley 'Booger' Dawson.  He'll show you what life's really about.  If you ever need him, he'll be "out combing the high schools all day".


Ah yes...the mysterious "Who Farted?" shirt.  As if to say it was anyone BUT Booger himself.  Not really a lot of philosophy in this one, but hey, what do you want from a sequel.  

For more of Booger's life lessons...head on over to IMDb's Booger quotes page


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